21st Century classroom design to encourage creativity

Creating a 21st Century Classroom. Why we choose Open Space Classroom?

The idea of a classroom that can be rearranged to fit the activity — individual work, class discussion, group projects, art, music, yoga, dancing, games, lunch, etc.

“Kids love the idea of constantly moving around and doing different projects, because they get tired if they’re expected to just sit in a room."

“If kids don’t have these things, they will make these things happen,” he said. “They will be disruptive. They’ll get sent to the office. They’ll ask to go to the bathroom, just so they can have some space and the chance to move.”

A space that allows for movement can reduce student fatigue, improve performance and promote student collaboration.

Classroom’s flexible setup “allows you to work at your own pace.” When students work in groups, he’s able to walk around and ask his fellow students for help. “It’s really communal,” he said. “The freedom is amazing.”

"They were writing complete paragraphs. They would get up, go to a dictionary, look up a word, walk over to a classmate and talk about the assignment."

“They weren’t just confined to their desks, forced to sit still and stare at a blank page,”

“Whatever the economy of the future, kids will need to learn to collaborate,”