Early Years (age 3–4)

A scientifically designed program for children ages 3 to 4 years old. Students direct their own activities, building knowledge, confidence and social skills along the way. Teachers empower children to use all the materials available to them, which range from practical life activities to geography to mathematics.


Academic excellence

Through individual lessons with the teacher and during their own independent investigation, children gain advanced knowledge of math, science, geography, botany, language, and culture. Each area of the curriculum comes with enticing, sequenced materials, which are designed to appeal to the young child's interests and stage of cognitive development.

Developing intelligence and increasing confidence

In addition to academic work, children are invited to take part in various practical activities, like setting the table for lunch and taking care of the classroom plants. These activities inspire children with real-world tasks and tools, helping them develop key executive function skills as they start to see themselves as capable and competent.

Reading and writing

Rather than impose a strict schedule on the children, our Leaning Centre staff wait for the moment when each child naturally shows an insatiable thirst to read and write. Up to that point, children are given activities which build the foundations of literacy without causing frustration or fatigue. This allows your child to learn reading and writing with confidence and joy.

A flourishing social life

Students inspire and help one another other in the Canary Garden, with the younger students looking to their older peers for guidance, and the older children acquiring skills in leadership as they help the little ones. Staff also give lessons on social norms like how to offer snacks to guests at a party and how to politely decline an offer. This makes for a harmonious atmosphere where children develop their own little society.


Teachers keep parents and caregivers involved

Teachers and families form really close bonds at Canary Garden. Your child's teacher will reach out to you to keep you informed of your child's development and invite you to participate in class from time to time, such as for birthdays and cultural events. You will also receive daily reports about your child’s routines and learning activities.