Project-Based Learning

Canary Garden emphasizes active learning and has introduced PBL (Project-Based Learning) instead of the Traditional style SBL (Subject-Based Learning).
PBL is one of methods of active learning that encourages independent learning. It is compared to SBL. In SBL, as they progress sequentially from basics to applications, learners cannot visualize the goal from the beginning, and the educator, who knows the outcome, sets the course.
In PBL, students are given a major theme or issue to work on, and they take the initiative in hypothesizing, investigating, discussing, and so on.
As each project is a large one, it takes time to complete, but the sense of accomplishment is great, and the result is the development of a spirit of inquiry.
In order to solve problems, students discuss and cooperate with each other to develop their acute cognitive abilities and spirits of inquiry.
The Job Training lessons described later also includes many PBL-oriented projects.