Tangrams for kids: A learning tool for building STEM skills

<From Counting Education to Critical Thinking Education>


Turning, flipping, and manipulating them in comparison with the other pieces as they build the shapes. To solve the puzzles, students need to visualize how the pieces fit together, then make the correct changes. Third, working with Tangrams is incredibly creative.

Rather than mechanically answering questions with formulas and so on, students will be able to derive answers with a strong sense of numbers.
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 We provide intellectual education for children in their critical learning period by developing their acute cognitive ability and problem-solving skills, rather than passive education that crams knowledge into them.


Tangrams is an early childhood education method introduced by Hama Gakuen (Hama Kids), which is an institution which continues to send the highest number of students to Nada Middle School -one of the most prestigious junior high schools in Japan and it has been achieving a high level of success.


This class offers not "cramming style" which is passive education but stimulates "hand ability," "spatial ability," "shape ability," "mathematical and logical ability," and "language ability" to enhance "acute cognitive ability".


The goal is to develop children's intelligence and acute cognitive ability so that they can think for themselves.


Although the contents are not specialized for entrance examinations, the reason why they are so effective for elementary school and junior high school entrance examinations is that recent examinations are shifting to "thinking logically and deriving answers on one's own" rather than "knowing or not knowing".