UK Curriculum

Canary Wharf Pre-school is a co-educational, independent day pre-school for 4-6 year olds. Find out more by joining our Open Morning and Q&A.

Find out what makes the only private British Pre-school in Batu Pahat so special.
4-6 years old are the best time for children to learn the language and interact with others. Don't miss the golden time to build up their foundation.

In our school, we don't use text book. All our learning materials are designed in the UK. We will print the suitable topics and distribute to our students everyday, students will learn in class and have simple homework to do if they attend half a day class.

Our Class by Year: Reception (4 years old), Year 1 (5 years old), Year 2 ( 6 years old).
Students per class: 10 to 12 students.

We follow UK Curriculum

Your child’s interactive English learning adventure starts here

Welcome to our world of English … a place where confidence grows.

Discover our English courses for children: Pre-school for ages 4–6.

Our courses are designed by English learning experts.

Classes are taught by highly trained and experienced teachers who bring energy and expertise to every class.

Spark their imagination

With us, your child will learn more than just the English language. They'll be able to express themselves with confidence that goes beyond their language skills.

Your child will get the most out of their English learning experience with a combination of:

1) lively classes with a specialist teacher, who will encourage their curiosity and keep them motivated to practise speaking English and enjoy learning with classmates of a similar age

2) interactive independent study, set by your child's teacher to prepare them for the lesson – all in a safe, easy-to-use online learning environment.

3) You will also have access to your child’s personal dashboard. Together you can track their progress, celebrate their successes and see where they are on their learning journey.

Shape their future with skills for a global world.

Our classes focus on practical skills and interactive exercises. Each module is brought to life with activities, team projects and high-quality materials based on real-world topics that children and teens are really interested in.

Your child will improve their creativity, leadership and collaboration skills that open up a world of possibilities

A rewarding learning experience that helps them go further

At home your child will improve their language skills with engaging, high-quality online learning resources that keep them motivated.

Your child will have the space to improve their English reading, writing and listening skills in their own time, as they prepare for their next class.

The result? They will feel more confident in class and have more time to work on their speaking skills during the class time with their teacher and classmates. A love of learning English will last a lifetime.

Pre-school courses are available in Batu Pahat teaching centres and our online lessons are available for many major cities around the world.

We will use UK publishing kids educational magazine to teach the children about latest scientific knowledge, for eg Mission to Mars!!
Scientist think that billions of years ago, Mars was much warmer and wetter. Then, Where did all the water go?
Students will be encouraged to give their opinions and share their ideas. This will improve their soft skills which will be useful for attending future corporate meetings.

In Canary Wharf Learning Centre, our qualified English teacher from the UK will give our students English Lessons using British Teaching System through our online platform. It will be a Live lessons in a class room through a big screen. Students can ask questions, talk to teacher and answering the questions.
Our teaching assistant will be in the classroom to make sure all students will participate in the fun lessons.