Welcome to our classroom!

Canary Garden classroom is full of activities that your child will love! These enticing activities are just at your child's level, and are designed to help them joyfully build something that will last a lifetime: character, understanding and a budding sense of self.

At Canary Garden, we want all of the children in our care to be super learners, developing the skills they need to become lifelong learners. We value individuality and strive to ensure that each and every child receives an education where they feel happy, safe, secure and empowered to realise their potential in a caring and nurturing environment.

Build Foundational Knowledge from the Very Beginning

A CG classroom offers each child a rich and extensive knowledge base, shared through a carefully-sequenced curriculum designed with the flexibility to adapt to a child's pace and interests. Each student's work is fuelled by their own motivation to learn.

An Environment Prepared to Build Agency

Children are born with an eagerness to explore the world, learning through all of their senses. Our classroom offers your child the opportunity to explore, to act independently, and to follow one's own interests. With mastery of each new skill, your child's confidence grows.


Montessori describes the child’s message to the adult: “Help me to do it by myself!”


Children are naturally enthusiastic, energetic and full of fun but, above all, they are curious about the world around them. Our creative and inspiring curriculum provides the opportunity to harness this natural curiosity, and develop it into a lifelong love of learning. 

Our learning centre is a place where children are encouraged to be active participants in their own learning, to have a positive attitude and perseverance, and to set high expectations of themselves. 


Our Learning Centres are committed to safely serving our families. Learn more about the extra measures we’ve undertaken at each of our operating centre to give your family peace of mind in uncertain times.
We offer a place where staff and governors are committed to provide the very best education for your child and all the other pupils in our care. With your support, we are confident that we can achieve this aim.

At Canary Garden, we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expect all staff, volunteers, parents and pupils to share this commitment.


At Canary Garden, all of our curriculum and pedagogy — both inside and outside of our classrooms — is designed to enable the work of the child:

  • We optimize for sustained concentration over time, allowing a child to build her capacity not just to make choices but to learn the joy of persisting in them.
  • We use highly designed UK learning materials and activities. The sequence of UK learning materials is designed to give a child foundational learning experiences — in motor control, sensorial exploration, math, literacy, and human culture—that systematically build on one another. The result: the priceless advantage of foundational knowledge and skills, and the habit and joy of lifelong learning.

  • We help children do things that are meaningful to them. “Practical life” includes supporting infants in the process of their own weaning, helping children learn to love maintaining the cleanliness of their space, scaffolding for older children the organization of their own time and energy, and more. With the right materials, environment, and adult perspective, a child can actually practice her natural desire to participate in her human life.

The work of the child is to create herself: to create her own knowledge and abilities by struggle and practice, to create her own sense of self-worth, to create her own connection to the world and to people within it.