Why Pre-school is so important

Canary Wharf Pre-school is the first step to a bright future of your little one. This is the only time when your child comes out of the comfort and safe zone of parents and can explore his skills, knowledge and build his social skills.



The main focus of putting your child into our preschool is for him/ her to understand the world in a broader perspective. A preschool is a place where a child builds his/ her self-esteem and confidence.


Improving a child’s communication skills is done in a preschool. This is the time your child learns the tact of communicating with other and fellow students and builds connections.


A preschool is a right place that creates a base for your child’s growth and the foundation for his lifelong learning. The skills and qualities like sharing, caring that the child learns early in his childhood are beneficial for the child later in life.


According to the researchers and their research on preschool, importance say that children who have had the experience of a preschool have improved social skills, a good personality, and few behavioural concerns.


The outcomes of giving your child a learning experience in preschool is the change in the culture, environment, management, and inclusion. It helps in building a positive attitude in the child’s intellectual and behavioural pattern. Preschool helps in making a child responsible. Investigate on various topics of learning.


Developing social skills and taking care of ethical responsibility. Preschool also teaches you to treat others with kindness and have a fair attitude towards others. Involve and invite others in the learning and playing activities, Preschool also helps instigate a conversation and initiate and respond and develop the skills of interacting with peers and adults.


Preschool helps in recognizing one’s talent and skills. Express an individual in a positive way. Preschool guides the child and teaches him the way how you express your feelings. The basic value of respecting the needs of your own and understanding the needs and requirements of people around you.