Year 1 & 2 ( 5 and 6 Years Old)

Years 1 and 2 see the children make the transition from the play-based learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum to the more formal lessons of UK Key Stage 1. At Canary Garden, our dedicated staff team work to foster independent, individual thinkers and we provide great flexibility within the curriculum to follow children’s questioning, enabling them to gain independence and to take responsibility for their own learning.



Reading is an integral part of the school curriculum at Canary Garden. We value the importance of being a confident reader as it impacts on all other learning. As a result, we seek to instil a lifelong love of reading in each and every child. The staff work hard to develop the children’s reading skills with one-to-one reading sessions as well as giving the freedom to select books from the well-stocked Pre-School Library. A daily phonics lesson builds knowledge, and we utilise the ‘Read, Write Inc.’ approach to aid the children’s progress and development.


Our children are working to produce well-structured, detailed writing; handwriting practice is encouraged each day so that most children are producing neat, cursive script. Writing sessions (as a class, in small groups and independently) focus on grammatical detail, punctuation and spelling. Our approach is underpinned by ‘Get Writing’ and Ros Wilson’s ‘Big Writing’ strategies.


Employing Singapore Maths, the best worldwide maths learning methodologies, the children become confident in numbers, shapes and measurements in Year 1 and 2. Using a kinaesthetic approach, the children learn strategies to problem solve and become confident in using and applying mathematics. Fluency in numbers is a key skill for our Centre children to master as this provides a strong foundation to build upon. CG’s skilled teachers ensure there are regular mental maths and times table practice to build assurance in this key area.


The curriculum at Canary Garden embraces Art, Design & Technology, Geography, History and Science through termly topics inspired by world events and the children’s interests. Examples of recent topics include Ourselves, Harvest, Rainforest and Space. The children also enjoy weekly Role Play and Yoga lessons and are taught the following subjects by specialist staff: Art, Computing, Drama & Movement, Music, Nature & the Environment and PE. Our children particularly enjoy the weekly Role Play lessons where recent activities have included a teamwork exercise making dens.

To further reinforce and enrich the children’s learning at Canary Garden Centre, we will organise termly day trips with parents or we invite special guest to come to our school for a talk which prove hugely popular. These have included a visit to the Museum to support our history topic, plus a trip to some Gardens to inspire our learning of rainforest plant life. Parents also benefit from our meetings and the opportunity to get to know teaching staff.